Mister Kindness

Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE - Mindful Soldier

December 05, 2023 Nicol & Chris Episode 89
Mister Kindness
Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE - Mindful Soldier
Show Notes

Episode 89. Joining us from England is an old Army colleague and serial overachiever, Ash Alexander-Cooper. He's packed so much into his life it would take many podcasts to do it justice. Now a former Colonel; he was a Gurkha Officer, combat helicopter pilot, Specialist Military Unit officer, wounded veteran - now successful businessman and public speaker. He's been in the thick of it in combat hotspots all over the world, getting blown up and shot. Now Ash has written a book which offers practical skills and techniques to help readers tackle trauma, build resilience and overcome life's toughest obstacles – personal and professional – with confidence. A phenomenal story and Elite level chat. Enjoy...

His book is available for pre-order here https://unbound.com/books/mindful-soldier
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